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Bringing Startups to Life

Founders Jeff & Sam Durso have launched dozens of successful startups - including multiple Inc 500 recipients and 8 figure acquisitions.

Jeff Durso

Jeff is a serial entrepreneur who’s launched 20+ startup companies over the past 20 years; one of which dominated its industry and was ranked #149 on the INC 500 list of the fastest growing companies (; and two of which sold for over $10 million each.

He’s been responsible for formulating, planning, and launching countless industry leading multi-million dollar products and companies – both for his own startups, and on behalf of clients.
In addition to being a serial entrepreneur, throughout his career he’s gone deep in software, marketing, and business modeling.

Jeff holds a BS in Management Science from MIT’s Sloan School of Management.

Sam Durso

With over 20 years experience as a successful entrepreneur and business owner as well as extensive online media expertise, Sam has been responsible for launching, scaling and optimizing some of the most profitable online campaigns in more than 10 countries.

Sam was responsible for founding and building World Reach Digital, a global advertising agency and Jupiter Labs, an eCommerce brand from startup to over $15 million in revenue each.

Previous roles include executive management for a leading affiliate marketing agency, president of a Florida based mergers & acquisitions firm; and Co-founder of  a software-consulting firm which was acquired for $10 million by a public company.

Sam holds a B.A. in Psychology from Plymouth University in New Hampshire and prides his college internship experience with the Walt Disney Company as a major influence in his customer satisfaction philosophy and obsessive attention to detail.

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